PUTTING – You might get tired of that word, but don’t ever get tired of doing it.  Get the ball in the hole is  the name of the game.  This is where your score goes lower the better you can roll it in.  I tell my students that if you spend 2 hours hitting balls on the range then you want 2 hours of short game practice; chipping/pitching/sand bunker.  AND THEN you want 2 hours of just putting.  This will make an outstanding golfer out of all of you.  I practiced this way.

If you’re not near to a practice green you can do it at home?  I always owned a 300 baht piece of carpet i bought at home pro 2 meters/2 meters.  Draw a straight marker line on it and simply use a small object like a shot glass for your target.   Start at 1′ then slowly move further away till you can hole everything from 2 meters.

This helps in many ways:

  1. Every putt on a golf course is straight, reading greens is another topic.
  2. Putting on a line helps you push the putter back straight and push it thru straight.
  3. You will start seeing the putt line on the greens more easily when you play.
  4. Big confidence will come with repeated practice.

Try it with just the left hand and then the right and see if you can keep the putter blade on the line.  I did this so many countless hours and i found where in my hands i had the tendency to push/pull or tweak the putter and then could correct it.

It’s such an easy and effective practice and you can listen to music or the TV or the nagging wife at the same time as you get your putting practice in.  Or complaining husband i should add.

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