Practice Correctly

A great quote from legendary Lee Trevino “The more i practice the luckier i get”.   I will add correct practice helps you play better.

I’ve watched too many golfers at the driving range load 120 balls in the machine and then rapid fire till they get tired.  They helped their ball feel but added nothing to consistency, control or their swing!

Take your time when you practice.  Take a set number of balls out onto the matt and take your time with whatever you are working with on your swing.  Then take a short break, have a drink – review what you are doing.  Then repeat with each ball “as if you were on the golf course”.  The old adage “One shot at a time” will bring your consistent ball striking to the golf course.

I encourage my students to practice correctly at least once between coaching sessions. Bring a notepad during lessons and write down what you need to work with – then take it out and review before practice.

Developing and building a good swing is easy!   Address the ball the same way and check posture, grip, ball position and what ever your pro shows you for improvement. Then it’s done, and now you can work with one or two swing keys that will improve your swing and ball striking.  If this is repeated with each ball you are on your way to playing better and having way more fun!



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