How to Play Golf like a Pro.

How to Play Golf like a Pro.


I’ve been a playing pro for many years and I know that qualifies me to speak about playing better golf maybe even as a ‘tour pro’.   I’m only coaching now as I have done thru out my playing years, but much better now thanks to the experience and learning work that I have done.  Wow, if I only had someone in my shoes then that could have simply showed me what to work on when I was an aspiring player, I would have exponentially increased my skill levels with all aspects of the game.


Golf is a very personal game.  It is only you on the course trying to play the very best that you can with creativity to its maximum and both mental and emotional self control required.  Please don’t misunderstand me – it is for sure very social too.  It is relationships with your playing partners/caddies, the viewers of the game (gallery) and nature itself.  Need I elaborate more about nature on a golf course, I think not, but I will.


Competitive, yes it certainly is and to a very high degree.   It is your own self competition of course, and that with others surely, but also with the unexpected wisps of nature too.  Can you hold your composure when the flagsticks are blowing perpendicular to the ground, or when the rain is pelting you nonstop?  When I went to Scotland for the ‘Dunhill Cup’ all my Scottish friends said to “watch out for the quarter to three rain”, took me a few seconds to figure out what they meant.  Yes I played in it on Carnoustie where we all were impatient to hear the long awaited sirens for the suspension of play.  It happened, but only after a par three against the gale where I needed a low 3 iron to end up short where in a practice round on a calm day it was only an 8 iron to the center.  Too much fun!


This essay will most assuredly help every golfer to understand the demands of playing this great game to their very best potential and I will add in everything that I have learned to help all golfers at every level of ability.   Of course I will write a little bit about making your swing performance and shot making better, but that stuff is already in too many articles.


Apparently whoever is reading this is already playing golf so I don’t need to elaborate on why this game is so appealing, but again I will a bit.   AWESOME is my adjective.  A player is personally in control of how he plays.  Can we control our emotions?  As a kid I’ve thrown my share of helicopters,  then ended up with more clubs stuck in a tree trying to get the one back.  In the earlier days of Tiger’s assault on the ‘Majors’ we’ve all seen some clubs get slammed in the ground, I did that a lot too as a professional.  With a quick 2 second explosion the bad energy is dispelled and we can carry on level hearted and peaceful.  When I played with ‘Tiger’ in a final round he missed a short putt and cussed JC and I thought he was a ‘Buddhist’ and even said it to him, the gallery was too far away to hear.


Awesomely creative is this game!  Controlling the flight of a golf ball over two hundreds is fantastic.  Rolling it where you want to is magnificent, even if it flies a wee bit first as in a chip.


Here we go – an overall learning experience for all golfers from a veteran of the pro tours loving this game.  I know reading this will help you all.