Focus more on your Target with Short Game

With putting i am looking at the hole and the putt line way more than at the ball.  Does a billiard shooter just stare at his stick and cue ball?  Does a dart thrower look at his dart?   Basketball players do not look at the ball when they are throwing it.

DO NOT GET BALL BOUND with your focus!!!

Yes i will look at the ball as i execute my stroke.  I am glancing back and forth from the ball along the intended putt line to the hole and then backwards.  I will do this as many times as needed until i feel that i can rock it in.

Then after my last look i will bring my eyes back to the ball and roll it within several seconds.  Watch the best putters on TV or even better, in person – watch their eyes and where they’re focused.   Look intently at an object across the room, then turn your head away or close your eyes – you can still see/feel the object for several seconds afterwards – you know where it is.

This same technique applies to chipping and other short shots also.   Further away as in a short pitch or chip/bump and roll, i will look at the whole distance/line and the hole, but my primary focus is on where i want the ball to land – so that will be my last look before i initiate my movement.


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