Efficient Practice Time !

How you practice will show on the golf course.   Let’s find a way to practice quality shot making with good ball striking.   I tell all my students to take their time at the range and try to produce good shots by focusing on what they are doing with every single ball.

I have watched too many ‘wanna be better players’ go to the practice ground and load up the ball machine with a hundred balls to whack them out as fast as they can till they get tired and sit down for a break.   What a load of garbage!   They probably told their spouse “Honey I’m going to the range to bang some balls!”.  That is exactly what they do – like a machine gun mike.  They will probably become a better ball striker, but never know where it’s going – shotgun effect when they play.   Maybe they want to see the whole course and explore places they have never been.   Haaaa

Take out 10 balls from the tray and focus with every ball “as if you are on the golf course”.  When i was playing i used 12 balls with each set and hit 10 or more quality shots flighting the same distance and spinning and turning the way i wanted it to fly, high/low  draw or fade.   With 10 you can easily look at your %’s of good shots.

It is not difficult to take your time and produce quality.   I would suggest a good coach to show you what to work with.   It’s very easy;  if i show you a better grip or stance or posture or ball position with your set-up check it and adjust it.  Then forget about it and focus on one or two swing keys i tell you for the movement = pretty simple.  It does not take long before you start setting up automatically the better way and the body will get used to it.  You will also start moving my concepts/words into bodily feelings and it will  feel natural. to start swinging the club better and producing more quality golf shots.


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