Course Management

A little Course Management

How many times have you and your playing partner hit a driver on every hole that is not a par three? Why? You have water on the right and bunkers or OB on the left, or simply the hole is a short one with loads of trouble. Manage like a tour pro. So you hit a 3 or 5 wood or a 3 iron and stay safe and have maybe a 5 or 7 iron in—or 2 five woods, it sure beats the penalty shots. Beat your gambling partner and play smart.

It is all about risk and reward. On a difficult hole take your par or bogey or double and go to the next with confidence. How many ‘rookie pros’ or the average amateur loses his/her momentum with a bad hole? Too many too count is the answer. Keep your score lower with intelligent decisions from the tee box.

As a playing professional for my paycheck we lie in bed at night playing all 18 holes in our minds, just as a formula 1 driver will do for his race track that week. Do we full throttle here and be careful there!! Where is there big trouble for me to lay back and make a simple par. I like the words ‘lay back’ and not ‘lay up’, think about it.

Let’s not get into trouble when we don’t need to. Always know your yardage (implies how far you hit each club) and always focus + target = don’t just lay up there somewhere in the fairway. Maybe the flagstick is tucked right and the better approach would be from the left!

Where is my most accurate shot from? Even ‘tour pros’ love the 100 yrd number, where’s best for you? The closer the better for me cuz I always worked the scoring shots, overlap of 2-3 clubs and in 5 yard increments. Scoring shots for me were 140 yrds and in to the flag. From closer i like to target the hole. Some pros will try to hit the flag and spin it back, depends of course the green/wind.

To be cont……

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