*Short Game is all in Your Hands*

Swinging the golf club and hitting the ball is where the BIG muscles are used, but not in the short game.   The short game is ALL FEEL = SOFT HANDS.  On and around the green keep your grip very,very soft.   You must feel the clubhead and the ball to get the distance correct.

With putting and chipping there is no leg or torso movement = keep the body and especially the head still.   Feel the putter head roll the ball, feel the clubhead chip the ball and  this can only happen with soft hands.  Do several practice strokes or chips and feel the putter/club head = you are striving for the feel of the distance – how much backstroke or back chip do you need to roll the ball just past the hole.

In David Pelz’s book ‘The Putting Bible’ he says that rolling the ball 18 inches past the cup is optimal.  This will apply to chipping as well.   Naturally on a steep uphill putt or chip do not go past by too much – the downhill or sidehill putt is always more difficult.

Copy the best!  With chipping you will see all the pros grip way down, bending their knees more and moving very close to the ball – this will give way more feel and control.   I have the shaft of the club only several inches from my legs. The closer you are to the ball the more feel and control you will have.  Build a close personal relationship with the ball for chipping.  Putting is slightly different with the posture since the shaft is straight, here you want your eyes over the ball.




Focus more on your Target with Short Game

With putting i am looking at the hole and the putt line way more than at the ball.  Does a billiard shooter just stare at his stick and cue ball?  Does a dart thrower look at his dart?   Basketball players do not look at the ball when they are throwing it.

DO NOT GET BALL BOUND with your focus!!!

Yes i will look at the ball as i execute my stroke.  I am glancing back and forth from the ball along the intended putt line to the hole and then backwards.  I will do this as many times as needed until i feel that i can rock it in.

Then after my last look i will bring my eyes back to the ball and roll it within several seconds.  Watch the best putters on TV or even better, in person – watch their eyes and where they’re focused.   Look intently at an object across the room, then turn your head away or close your eyes – you can still see/feel the object for several seconds afterwards – you know where it is.

This same technique applies to chipping and other short shots also.   Further away as in a short pitch or chip/bump and roll, i will look at the whole distance/line and the hole, but my primary focus is on where i want the ball to land – so that will be my last look before i initiate my movement.